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Monday, September 29, 2014

More gifts...151-200

151. the old, glass churn that belonged to his great-grandmother
152.  green
153.  volleyball
154.  easy, after-dinner walks
155.  Levi's sweet, sincere eyes
156.  a beautiful bride
157.  tulips
158.  kissing the bridge of my baby's nose
159.  sweet, rich smell of bee's comb
160.  new shoes
161.  feeling loved
162.  when the dough rises, yeasty and alive
163.  talk radio
164.  chicken noodle soup, hot and homemade
165.  shaking hands
166.  lazy mornings with coffee and comfies
167.  air conditioning
168.  indoor plumbing
169.  the smell of cinnamon rolls baking
170.  learning a new skill
171.  a clean house
172.  when the socks get folded and not just piled in the corner
173.  the love of my grandparents
174.  my healthy children
175.  toilet paper
176.  taking a walk with him
177.  a big, big sink
178.  kombucha
179.  my bestie
180.  sweet, warm baby skin
181.  when brothers walk in after school and Micah squeals with excitement
182.  running barefoot outside in the morning light to get a great picture, foggy beauty
183.  a productive and satisfying weekend
184.  sweet, earthy smell of cut grass
185.  the morning bawl of the steer
186.  chicken bodies bobbing and darting to the jump of the grasshopper
187.  mowing straight lines
188.  knowing
189.  feeling peace that passes understanding
190.  the first bubbling movement of a new baby
191.  breathing
192.  a great, big salad
193.  curling Jolie's hair
194.  Zaddok's backpack open and spilled out across 3 rooms
195.  His sweet morning goodbyes
196.  listening to Micah pretend
197.  laughing away the stress
198.  having everything we need
199.  my time in kid's church
200.  being a part of something

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