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Thursday, March 26, 2015

More gifts after 2 months of blog silence. 251-300

Oh I am so ashamed.  Not only have a been ignoring my blog but I have not even been taking pictures!  Shame on me.  This is my family record, the place where I catalog our memories.

No promises but I am going to try much harder!

To start, here is the continuation of my Gifts that I started back in September. 

251.  Watching swallows viciously defend their bald babies

252.  little twitching toes

253.  planning a surprise

254.  Being carried by His Spirit

255.  Getting in bed early and then reading too late

256.  Beans and cornbread

257.  Turquoise

258.  Talking with him about the future.

259.  The soft light and clear sounds of dusk

260.  pineapple-ginger booch

261.  Orange blaze of the sunset creating a solid black silhouette of the trees

262.  Seeing that second line appear

263.  When Micah says "my Daddy"

264.  Finding a home video taken from a kids perspective

265.  IHOP-KC

266.  Trees

267.  Time

268.  Prayer

269.  The feel of the bass in my chest

270.  Undivided focus

271.  Holy Spirit moving


273.  Talented people suing their gifts to honor the ONE

274.  Kalamata olives 

275.  Fresh Pita

276.  Falafal

277.  Humid air

278.  Hearts stirring

279.  Almond butter

280.  Micah's sweet voice saying I love you.

281.  Getting a text from my big girl

282.  Beautiful worship

283.  Quenching a thirsty soul

284.  My husband selflessly allowing me a weekend of rest

285.  Fall leaves fluttering to the ground

286.  Our little town square bustling with shoppers.

287.  A Fall latte from Palace

288.  Cousins who love to be together

289.  A surprise gift from my mom!

290.  Matt's blueberry muffins

291.  When sports end and I get my kids back

292.  Paying the kids allowance, seeing the big smile and hearing the big plans

293.  The good time change

294.  Micah's growing language

295.  Getting my IPSY bag!

296.  Cleaning the dust clumps from ceiling fans that have run all summer

297.  Fizzy, beautiful fresh grape booch

298.  A pile of pumpkins

299.  Spreading crystallized, cotton honey over fresh bread

300.  When Halloween is finally over

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