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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Gifts...301-350

301.  Fever snuggles

302.  Girl's night out

303.  Good healing oils

304.  Christmas lights dotting the night sky across the sprawling prairie.

305.  The perfect gift

306.  Winter walks

307.  Stew, warm and bubbling in the pot

308.  The noise of my babies being home

309.  The family-like connections within our church home

310.  Winter's sleeping colors in the grasses and trees

311.  Gooey Frito pie with onions and jalapenos

312.  The Boxcar Children

313.  All of us together

314.  The power of a good leader

315.  Spring peeking through 

316.  Smelling fresh laundry

317.  Breakfast with friends

318.  I love you mommy, hugs

319.  Kid-sized excitment

320.  Warm donuts

321.  Feeling good about a decision

322.  Fresh-smelling shampoo

323.  Good-fitting boots

324.  A car that starts

325.  Making plans

326.  Wearing the same size shoes as Jolie

327.  Finally finishing the laundry

328.  Snack time!

329.  Mail

330. Men's deodorant

331.  Sweet worship

332.  Getting the bill paid

333.  Being ok with having a different opinion that everyone else

334.  A clean floor

335.  Possibilites

336.  Great and beautiful, natural creations

337.  Digging hands deep into cool sand

338.  Car-ride conversations

339.  Road snacks

340.  Seeing their amazment

341.  Familiar laughter with my sister

342.  Relleno Burritos  

343.  Freshly polished toes

344.  Little arms reaching for a hug

345.  When the groceries are unloaded and put away

346.  Walking, praying and crying into the dusky sky

347.  Wearing his shirts, so cozy and comfy

348.  Seeing the bees again

349.  Green poking up through the brown cover of winter

350.  One more cool day.

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