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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Micah's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Micah turning 3.  She got a donut birthday cake first thing on her birthday morning.  She had been talking about her birthday for about 2 months so we had to make it special.

This is the cake she asked for.  She loves the Octonauts.

 This is the cake she got.  Mom is not artistic.  I usually can bake but this one turned out all wrong.  We still ate it.

Micah got spoiled by everyone.  She got lots of fun things.

The kiddos loved to help her open presents.

Some of the fans.  (Sorry Amanda.  It was the only picture I had of this bunch.  hahahaha)

Kyle and Audra

The girls.  Emma and Jolie.

She asked for a fishing pole!

Mama and Mikey.  I love you baby girl!

Happy birthday sweet Micah B!  You are a treasure to my heart.  You make all of us smile.  Your brothers cannot say no to you and race to your rescue anytime you cry.  Your sister loves to paint your toes and read stories to you.  Your Daddy just wants to hold you every chance he gets.  You are my baby.  Even when you are 33 you will still be my baby.  I love you Mikey!

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