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Monday, June 1, 2015

Playing catch-up!

 May is crazy.  I always get behind.  So here is my attempt to catch up on all of the things we have had going on.

Micah and I painted the new hive boxes for the bees.  I have decided against the traditional white for my favorite green!

 She did great!  I love having these times to work with my kiddos.

I am still making booch.  This is a grapefruit 2f.  Loving the bubbles.  I have been able to pass some scobys on to other people.  We will convert the Panhandle to fermenting!  

Ahhhh.  Beauty and a lovely Spring.

Weebies had his Kinder Luau.  It was sweet.  He is such a precious boy.  Full of life and smiles.

"See the lobster with it's claws"

Zaddok and his buddy Gage came to watch.  Gage's sister Gracie is in Levi's class.

Oh Mrs. Wesbrooks.  How will we ever get along without you?

His smiling face makes my heart melt.  He has such a big heart.  He is very ornery.  But he makes up for that in hugs.

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