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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter weather warning?

Tonight is church for the kids so we had eggs. Matt and I had egg salad and the kids had boiled eggs. Easy protein! Tomorrow will be a very wintry day so beans and cornbread were requested by all here in my house. That makes me happy. I may not be so happy when the beans set in and we are all stuck in the same house together. That's a lot of gassy bottoms! EEEWWWW!

Okay, about this wintry day, I will not say it out loud because I don't want to spook it. But the forecast is calling for s-n-o-w. Shhhhhh. Do not say that out loud! I am hoping it is really what the weatherman is saying it will be. 6-12 inches? I will be waiting to see the glorious white stuff fall from the sky. I am not a big fan of winter but when everyone can be home and inside, I think it is cozy. Plus it gives me a chance to be thankful for our warm home and our blessings that surround us.

Even though we are going to be socked in, I can't help but start dreaming of my little backyard plot that so faithfully produced goodies for us all last season. I just used the last of the frozen zucchini this week. The final jar of tomatoes I used making salsa. We have only 2 jars of jalapenos, frozen squash and lots of dried herbs left from the harvest. I guess it is good that we don't have to depend on that to survive the winter.

So I am planning and sketching and ordering. I am doing all heirloom seeds this year. I am going to try my hand at growing everything from seed. It is much cheaper but not guaranteed to work. So we will see. My plan is to do a photo-blog about all of this so you can all laugh at me as I stumble along!

So to all of you who are getting sn.... flaky icy precipitation this week, be careful and dream of a greener time!

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