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Monday, February 22, 2010

Company clean

Have you ever though, "Gee, I need to host a jewelry party"? I don't know what possessed me but I am sooooooo glad that I did! We had a blast. All of the cleaning and cooking and kicking my family out of the house was totally worth it. And after the fact, I have reconnected with friends, got some really sweet bling and my house is really company clean. You know company clean don't you? It's when you clean things that no one is going to look at because we women think that people (other women) are going to judge us if we have a cobweb in the corner of the attic closet or dirt under the mudroom rug. Crazy? Maybe. What is funny is that most everyone that came to the party has been to my house on a regular day and has seen how we really live. What made me think that my house had to be perfect for a group of my friends that know the truth about me? I am a closet slob. I really love to have a clean house but just can't seem to find it more important than the rest of life! So I will reside in my fairly clean house. And if some of you would please come and visit sometime so that I can get my house company clean a few times a year, that would be great. Thanks.

Here are some pics from my party!

That is Amanda. The most fab jewelry lady. And so sweet too!

This is the part where we eat.

This is the party's college beauty, Mandi!

Ms. Jaylene

Ms. Cathy

Ms. Manda

Ms. Jill

Ms. Michelle

Ms. Lindsey

Ms. Kate

Ms. Pammy

Ms. Rachel

Ms. Marlene

And finally...

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