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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Herbs

Tonight for dinner, taco salad. Boring but delicious. Simple seasoned ground beef and beans, greens, tomatoes, avacado, cheese, salsa and tortilla chips. It's a good way to get lots of veggies into the kiddos.

So I think I have mentioned this before but I will mention it again. The middle of winter is a perfect time to remind yourself of the coming spring by using dried herbs from the garden. The smell of herbs is like summer in a little green package. If you close your eyes, you can almost hear my kids screaming at each other from the backyard and see them squirting each other with the hose.
I had pretty much used up my first batch of herbs but still had several bunches hanging in our sunroom. Today I decided to process the bunches to use in cooking. I documented this in pictures for all of you! This is not all that interesting to most but I am unusally in love with all things that come out of the garden so to me, this is beautiful.

These are the little tiny jewels if goodness called thyme.

This is oregano!

I love little jars of yummy home grown things.

And my life is complete,(well maybe just my spice cabinet but trust me this is big!)

This is what happens when you are a not-so-neat do-er of things.

And this is what happens when...

I try to take close-ups...

of a very handsy 7 month-old.


Jackson4 said...

Totally jealous of your green thumb! I would love to grow all the things you do, esp. stuff so I could make salsa with the things that came out of my garden. But I'm pretty sure that since I can't even keep my plants in my house healthy, I'd have a pretty hard time growing a garden. Ahhh, for now I'll just live vicariously through you! :)

Emily Suzanne said...

That is so cute!! I love the herbs! I'm planning on doing an potted herb garden soon :)

Rachel said...

And your herbs are so gorgeous! I have one little measly chive plant that keeps hanging on. So far I've managed to kill off oregano and a basil plant without any effort.