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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Fun

Dinner tonight was Tortilla Soup which my kids were not happy about. So, I was very surprised when they asked for seconds! Here's the basics. You boil a cut up chicken with the skin, bones and all. You use the broth as the base of the soup and add all sorts of yummies like zucchini, corn, tomatoes, and cilantro. You shred the cooked chicken back into the soup and you have a tummy-warming dish. We always tear up a corn tortilla in the bowl (Matt has used Fritos!) and also add cheese and avocado. If you really want to walk on the wild side, top that with some fresh chopped cilantro. Aaaaaah. So good.

I get a magazine called Family Fun. They always have very cute and easy projects to do with the kids. Matt found this one and tried it out. It involved food so everyone was excited to give it a go. They are called squid dogs. You will see why! I recommend that everyone try them at least once. They are kinda gross but kids love gross!

I know it looks weird, but you cut a hot dog into 4 pieces. Then you jab dry spaghetti through the dog and out the other side.

Some of the spaghetti breaks so you have these funky little squid arms. You can just pretend this guy had a bad accident.

This is how they look before they meet their demise.

"I'm not dead yet", says the squid-dog.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! That's the sound of a squid-dog dying.

Ever think you would see a 4 year-old eating squid?

We dipped 'em in ketchup and mustard.

This has nothing to do with squid but is hilarious. My two children dressed up for 80's night at church.

And because it wouldn't be my blog without a pic of my little fatty...

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molly said...

LOVE it! I might have to try that one myself...I know my boys would love it! and those kids are so stinkin cute....your daughter is just GORGEOUS!!! Keep her away from the boys! Love you Rachelle!!! So glad you're doing the blog...I love reading about your life!