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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall fun!

My sis-in-law called me last week and told me about this neat little place down by Lubbock. (It was actually in Idalou but I had never heard tell of that community.) It was a pick your own apple place called Apple Country Orchards. It was so much fun! We had a great meal made with things from the farm. Then got to tour the orchard. Then we got to pick and eat until we and our bags were full! The great thing is that the orchard is organic. So no worries about pulling apples off of the tree and eating them. It was a short trip that took us to big fun! Here are the pics.

The kid crew.

The ones who drove and paid.

Levi found a pumpkin that was much bigger than he was.

Emma thinks she is Levi's mama. She was trying to love on him here.

Until he started to splash the water in the center of the pumpkin. She did not think that was nice at all.

Here are the rest of the pics.


Grandmolly said...

It looks like a very fun day that put smiles on everbody's face!

Carrie said...

What fun!!! Glad y'all had that experience. Looking forward to doing that kind of thing when the kids get a bit older. :-)

jeana said...

I'm hoping to go there, if we can fit it in soon. Love the pictures!
Thank you so much for the prayers this week Rachelle. If you wanna know more about whats going on and keep us in your prayers I would appreciate it =]

Rachel said...

Organic apples fresh from the tree!Looks like so much fun!