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Thursday, February 24, 2011


It is feeling like spring here!   

It's making Zaddok wear muscle-shirts and flex.
We have entered the season of cowboy boots. All boys must pass through this phase. It is part of becoming a man.

She is growing up way too fast.

Recorder concerts are the bomb! Hi Jolie and Merik!

Spring could be teasing us and we could be doing this again next week.

I love colored glass.  Just thought you might like to know something random about me. (Plus, I really like the color and light in this pic.:) 
I love this guy and his chubby thighs!


Prairie Rose said...

Just love them all.
Love the muscle tee boy and the adorable little cowboy.
Too cute!
I also love colored glass and collect it whenever I can.
Have a great weekend!

Chris Mac said...

Wow, they are growing up fast Rachelle. I remember the cowboy boot phase and I didn't look as good in them as Levi does. I still love reading your blog posts and thanks for sharing.

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Chris, thanks for reading and commenting. You should give the boots a try again! :)

Prairie, collecting colored glass can become a sickness! ;)