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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tea-parties happen

My daughter.  If there is ever a moment of pause, when the world goes quiet and I start to read a book, she comes up with a plan.  She will plan you right out of the room.  Every detail of an event is accounted for, every minute scheduled.  So one pleasant and quiet Sabbath, she came to me with her plan.  It was a tea party for the family.  I agreed, she took off! 

This was the result.  A perfectly perfect party, in her room, surrounded by 1000 of her closest stuffed friends. 

Boys at a tea-parties.  It is a beautiful and unnatural thing. 

Daddy had to fold himself up cross-legged to join us on the floor.  Crossed legs do not come easy for our poor daddy.  He is smiling through the pain.

A Sabbath tea-party insures that the goodies are simple and delicious.  Leftover challa, cookies from dessert and fruit.

I will keep this photo forever.  Partly because it is cute but specifically because I can use it against them one day when they try to leave me.
 "Mom, we are going to college."
"Oh yea.  How 'bout I show them how you guys really like to party?"
Blackmail: when a regular nice mom just won't do.

That's beautiful life folks. 


jeana said...

What a spacial party!

jeana said...

*special* yeah, I'm from Texas =]

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Hahhahahahahh! You are a funny little Texan!

Brandon and April said...

seriously impressed with her tea party skills!!
and the boys willingness to play along! :)

Prairie Rose said...

What a fun party!
So sweet that the whole family is in on it, what precious memories were made!

Rachel said...

How fun! I can't wait for tea parties!

Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

LOVE this! What a beautiful Shabbat with your family :)