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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's golden!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of joining my grandparents (and about 100 of their friends!) in celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. That by any standards, is amazing. We had a wonderful time and saw some wonderful people. My grandparents hugged and talked and laughed until the cake was gone! Congratulations Papa and Grandma! We see your love for each other after all of these years. It is a sweet and beautiful thing. Here are the pics...

The guest book was the same book they had used at their wedding 50 years ago!

The cake was as delicious as it was beautiful. 

We decorated in gold for the golden anniversary!

Grandma getting into the mood.

Papa is not really a party kind of guy.  But he was the best host!  He greeted every single guest at the door.
We set up tables with lots of pictures.  People enjoyed looking at 50 years of my grandparent's life.

Aunt Pammy and Asher.
These are some of their good friends Barbra and Ray.  I rounded them up for the picture but couldn't get them to quit talking and laughing! 

They finally cooperated.

My sweet sisters and my mommy. 

They just visited and visited.

These little buddies were great!  They ate cake and played.  As did the other kids. 

She is the best grandma.

Papa cutting up with the fellas.

This is Wanda.  She and Grandma have been friends for a million years.  They raised their kids right next door to each other.  They vacationed together, they kept kids for each other, they just lived life together.  Wanda's husband JB is gone now.  So is the other sweet couple from the neighborhood, Grammy Faye and Papa Leo.  We miss them all.  

This is the family.  Sadly, it is minus my cousins Jordan, Aaron and his wife Leah.  I just want you to pay special attention to my grandparents.  Holding hands, surrounded by their legacy.  I want that at my 50 year anniversary.

  However, I would like for you to ignore my son who made that exact face in every picture I took that afternoon... 

You thought I was kidding. (and I'm sure you thought it would be Zaddok!) 


Grandmolly said...

Great story!

Mike and Morgan said...

What a wonderful legacy! And your grandma is just beautiful, Rachelle. Loved the pics you took.

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Thanks Morgan! It was a pretty special day!