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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prepare your pits!!

I know it sounds crazy and difficult but making your own deodorant is possible!  Now I am talking deodorant, for the smell factor.  This is not anti-persperant which keeps you from sweating, in theory.  I am not the type of person to see a monster around every corner but I have been concerned for awhile about slathering my armpits with aluminum.  For you sweet friends who don't know, that is the active ingredient in antiperspirant.  This has been connected with risk for breast cancer, Alzheimer's and is not safe for people with kidney disease.

Now this homemade deodorant will not keep you from sweating.  It is simply meant to keep you from stinking.  Our bodies were meant to sweat.  It's part of how we thermoregulate and release toxins.  Sweat is not the enemy.  Bacterial growth in the warm moisture of your armpit is.  So this homemade product is great for controlling BO. 

I do notice a bit of dampness but nothing extreme.  I  LOVE my new stuff!  And there is no stink.  Even the next day.  I think this would be great for those of us who have children who are starting to wear deodorant.  They surely don't need the yucky stuff and can start off right using a product that is healthy for them. 

Are you ready?  These are all of the ingredients.  I am not kidding.  That's it.  Coconut oil, corn starch, baking soda and essential oil.  I got the recipe from Homestead Revival!  Love that blog!

5-6 tablespoons of coconut oil.

1/4 cup of baking soda and cornstarch.  I used my mixer to blend it all together until it was smooth. 

Homestead called for optional tea tree oil.  I opted for this oil blend.  It's great because I need a chill pill at least 3 to 600 times a day.  Now I carry one with me wherever I go!  I used about 7-10 drops of this yummy stuff.

I had a empty Toms container that I packed the blended product into.  It works great!  I did have to stick it in the fridge for a few minutes to let it set.  Now I keep it in my bathroom cabinet.  I put it on like regular deodorant.  I am converted.  And I feel good about the fact that it is so natural that you could eat it!  Not that I would, but I could.  I have seen many antiperspirant alternatives but this one beats any I have tried.  I know it's a strange concept but if you can get past the idea of sweating a little, it's worth it!


Mike and Morgan said...

That's pretty cool! I'm kind of freaked out by aluminum too and have used Tom's for quite awhile because of that. It's almost impossible to get here, though, and very expensive when I do find it. Might have to give the homemade stuff a try if I can wrangle up the ingredients.

jeana said...

this has definitely been on my to do list! i was usuing tom's for about a year....then all of the sudden i was so stinky...really. ask Michelle ;) thanks for tutorial!

Kristin said...

I wrote this down from H.R. Yoo! I have all of the stuff...I just need to do it! ;o)

Brandon and April said...

awesome!! i never looked into making my own, but I definitely got freaked out enough by the aluminum stuff, that I switched to Alvera Aloe and Almonds and I LOVE it. I'm hooked. Granted, I haven't used it in the middle of the summer, but still, my mind is at peace thinking maybe I'll keep my pits cancer free! :)

molly said...

ive considered doing this myself! the healthy deoderant ive been buying online is $18 a tube! it hurts to buy it but i haaaate the shelf stuff thats so bad for us! I might just have to join you again my friend on this adventure!