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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mamas need road trips too!

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to spend true girl's time with my mother-in-law and my sister's-in-law.  My SIL Amanda and I got to take a road trip from our little town to DFW where my MIL and other SIL live.  Our husbands were kind enough to take on kid duty for the weekend so that we could have a break.  It was much needed and a ton of fun!  Here are the pics.

We started the weekend by having a pedicure.  I would like to say it was relaxing but it was kinda tickley and a bit awkward.  Let's just say that if the guy who did Amanda's feet had his way, she would be Mrs. Pedicure Guy!  Also, my feet needed some work.  I NEVER wear shoes so I tend to develop calluses.  My gal used some kind of acid and what looked like a cheese grater.  It was a bit of a white-knuckle experience.  But thanks to sweet Molly Jo we all got treated to our cute new toes.  Thanks Molly!

We had to do the prop up the camera and put it on timer thing all weekend.  So most of our group pics are of a strange composition.  But this was us headed for downtown Ft. Worth to have dinner.

Me and Amanda all fancy.  (Trust me, this is fancy for us)

Simply Fondue was simply AWESOME!  Our first course was everything you can imagine dipped in yummy, melty cheese.  This was the plate for our second course.  It was all different sauces we could put on the meat that we got to cook up at our table..

Molly Jo and Amanda before we started feeling ill from cheese consumption.

The meat and veggie plate!!!  It was delish!

When we were done we were really too full to think about dessert.  Then they brought the bowls of chocolate and plates of goodies like rice crispy treats, fresh fruit, and bits of brownies and cake.  Then she did a flambe with the chocolate and we got to roast marshmallows!  We just had to stuff a few things down.

Yep, it's a ball of cookie dough that you dip in melted chocolate.  I think they were trying to kill us.

After the fondue we walked a few blocks to a really neat piano bar.  I will say that going to a bar is not my usual Friday night activity.  I think the last time I was in a bar was almost 11 years ago at my friend's bachelorette party.  Having said that, it was totally worth sitting in the smoke to hear the talent behind the piano.  These guys were amazing.  They could play and sing anything!  We had such a great time singing along.  And while it was a typical smokey bar, the music was anything but typical!
 (PS, we may have done a few 80's dance moves while we were there.)

That was our Friday away and we still had a day full of plans for Saturday!  I will post about Saturday later on in the week!

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jeana said...

Oooo, how fun! Looks like you girls had a wonderful night!