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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our thanks to the following sponsors...Our husbands!

In continuing with our weekend's activities, during Friday night's dinner my MIL pulled out a letter from SIL Sara's husband, Brad.  When she read it we found that Brad had planned a little something special for us but that we would not know what it was until the next morning.  We were told to be ready by 9:30am with more instructions to follow.  We, being girls, were very taken with the romance of it all.  It was quite exciting to talk about what it could be and what he had planned.  We went from horseback riding to professional portraits.  We had no idea.
This is us on Saturday morning having no idea. 
Rachelle: Hmmmm, I really hope it involves some type of chocolate.
Sara: Did I eat fondue twice yesterday?
Molly: What is that flashy thing?!
Amanda:  Like totally, what?

As we followed our second set of directions, we were taken to a massage studio!  See how excited the girls are!  (Thanks Brad.)  Now my history with massage is not good.  I have only had it done twice and I was preggo both times.  It's hard to be comfortable when you are preggo.  I will say that this massage has changed my mind about the whole industry.  It was so relaxing that I was afraid I might drool.

After the massage the lady at the front desk handed us a third envelope!  More surprises! 

Brad had purchased cupcakes and coffee for four at this wonderful shop down the street from the massage studio.

This is us before the cupcake coma set in.

Can we have a moment of silence please?


We had to shake it off quickly because IKEA was our next adventure!!!

We had to survey the damage.  It was not pretty.

We are hoping our husbands think this is cute.  We love you husbands!

And while NOBODY will think this is cute, my MIL insisted we get a going away pic of the end of our weekend.  This is reality people.  We still did our paparazzi stance just in case.  If you could see a bit further down, we all had one foot in front of the other to create an elongated line of the leg.  What's that you say?  Our legs are the least of our troubles in that picture?  Well you know what?  We had a wonderful time and we are not about to let a bad picture spoil it!

Here's to us ladies!  And here's to next year!


Grandmolly said...

I loved these posts. Thanks for sharing it all with us, Rachelle!
Love you,

A green Jelly Bean said...

FUN!!! Must show to my own husband as a *ahem* subtle hint. (=

shelby said...

I love reading about everything!! So sweet and loving :)