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Friday, April 29, 2011

Plots, plots everywhere but nothing finished yet!

Here is our small plot in the front yard.  It is now home to several kinds of squash, a Pueblo Indian popcorn that my Papa gave me, some melons and 2 different kinds of okra.

Taters!  2 different kinds of taters.  These have a cozy home in our alley.

This?  This is my Everest.  It is a huge plot in our backyard.  It is covered in Bermuda grass.  We are slowly digging it out but it is growing back.  I think it's angry.  This will be the home of my tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, lettuce and carrots.  We must conquer!

I just love my chicken house.  I had to share pictures of the finished product.  Thank you to my sweet and talented husband!

They must be happy with life.  They lay 4 delicious eggs a day!

This little chubby hand loves to help put the eggs in the carton.  Sometimes, eggs end up thrown to the dog.  I try to be stern but it's pretty funny.

My Linus.  We have to wash the well-loved blanket several times a week.  Have blankie, will travel.

"Could my brother BE any funnier?"
(Chandler Bing style)

"Yep, he can!"


Grandmolly said...

Oh my goodnes! Loved those two little boys. I am sorry you have such a job with that is a big problem when it is where you don't want it...hard, hard to get rid of!

Brandon and April said...

AHHH-dorable!! those last two pics are priceless. so cute!