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Friday, April 15, 2011


I wanted to update you all on how much we are loving our homemade laundry soap and deodorant.  I was not sure what to expect.  I thought that maybe the laundry soap would stay with us but I was pretty sure that I would end up not liking the deodorant.  It turns out that I really love both! 

The laundry soap has been wonderful.  It cleans thoroughly and smells great.  It even removed some stains that had been left behind by my other detergent!  I have been pleased.  I have also started using vinegar in a Downy ball instead of chemical fabric softener.  It softens and freshens the clothes without leaving the slick, highly-fragranced coating.  I hated that every time I folded clothes, I was left with that on my hands and I didn't like that my kids were wearing that on their bodies every time they put on clean clothes.  I am converted.  The soap is easy and cheap to make.  It's a keeper. 

The deodorant was my biggest surprise.  It is so easy to make.  It takes me less than 5 minutes to mix everything up and pack it into old deodorant containers.  It is a bit different than using the store-bought stuff.  For one, it melts easily.  I found that out on a trip.  I opened the stick of deodorant to find that it had melted into the the lid.  It was an easy fix and I know better for next time. As for how it works, I have not been stinky since I started using it.  It is awesome!  Now remember, this is not an antiperspirant so you will sweat.  I am kind of a sweaty person and end up with pit stains even when I use antiperspirant.  So I sweat but I don't stink.  I smell like lovely lavender and roman chamomile.  Matt has even started using it and loves it too.

I have had a few days where the under wire of my bra rubs at the bottom of my arm pit and makes a tender spot.  It hasn't happened in awhile so I am guessing my skin had to get used to the abrasiveness of the baking soda.  I did read that you can use arrowroot powder instead if it bothers you.  Other than that, I have been happy with it.  I am extremely happy that we are not slathering our bodies with aluminum anymore. 

Hope some of you are inspired to get back to basics.  We don't need to use all of the modern chemicals that are in most store-bought products.  There are great alternatives that are often cheaper!  If you don't like these, research and find something that appeals to you.  You will be thankful and feel good about taking away one more unknown out of your family's life!


Rachel said...

Go Rachelle!I've been thinking about the deodorant thing for a year now and just haven't made the switch.I've thought about making detergent nut was a bit intimidated.have you seen Soap Nuts? I kept seeing people blog about them and finally bought them a couple of weeks ago.They are awesome-no chemicals and if you bu them in bulk they come out to the same price as the cheap laundry detergent at Wally world.

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

I have heard of soapnuts! Do they really work? I would love to try them. If I ever get a grey-water system into the garden, I will have to use something without borax.