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Sunday, April 17, 2011


My seedlings are struggling this year.  Not sure why but it is depressing.  I am trying everything I know to revive them.  If I have to end up buying plants, I will be sad.  God's will be done.  It's just hard to find the good heirloom plants here locally.

I was finally able to plant tulips this year!  They are my favorite.  I would like to have them all over the yard.

This is our smoke tree.  I will post a pic here in a month or so and you will see why it's called a smoke tree.  It's very unusual.

Asher is in coach-pitch baseball and Zaddok is playing T-ball.  They both ended up on the Astros.  It's confusing.

But they are stinkin cute. 

This has nothing to do with Spring but EVERYTHING to do with Nutella.

Our love for Nutella is a sickness that Matt and I have passed on to our children.  Levi seems to be okay with it.

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