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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The family that weeds together, shoots together.

We finally had our cold front.  It knocked us from the 100's to the 70's.  I was a happy girl.  We have suffered such a harsh season.  It is like we lost our summer.  It was so hot and miserable that we rarely went outside.  I spent only the required amount of time in the garden and yard.  It showed.  We had weeds like crazy.  So on this happy cold-front wrapped morning, we took on the beasts!  It was so much more fun as a family. 

Sweet Jolie Kay.  She was a trooper!  Her brothers, however, seem to be up to something.

Yep.  They are trying to eat a pecan they found.  Boys will eat anything they can find in the wilderness.  I think it is in their genes.

Levi even helped pick up the pulled weeds and throw them into the pile.

See what I mean by beasts.  These weeds were ferocious!  I have never seen one grow this huge.
Even Fuzz helped.  He kept on top of the chickens.  They could not go anywhere without his watchful eye following.

After the yard was tended, the boys retired to the back to have a bit of target practice. 
Note: This is only a pellet gun.

But that doesn't stop Asher from having darn impressive form.  He's a natural.  He shot a tiny army man off of the top of a stick from quite a distance.

Zaddok's form is great.  It's just that darn eye that won't stay closed.  His brother is happy to help him out by holding it shut for him.  Not sure that will fly in the academy boys.

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Jaclyn Hicks said...

Hooray for cooler weather!!! We are loving it here too!!!