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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, to the apple orchard we go!

We went to the Apple Country Orchard last year for the first time.  we liked it so much that we decided to go again this year.  We went a couple of weeks earlier this year so we missed some of the apples.  They just weren't ready.  Plus the drought seemed to have made the apples a bit smaller and not as plentiful.  But we still had a great time!   

The kids and Grandmolly pulling their buckets down the rows.

The best part about the orchard is that they use no chemicals on their fruit!  So you can walk up to a tree, pick an apple, shine it up on your shirt and eat it.  Levi was impressed.

It was a long way to walk so Levi hitched a ride.

My nephew Cole came along with us and was an expert apple picker!


Miss Emma needed a ride.

Jolie loved the raw honey so much that she bought her own jar.

Cody and Zaddok have bagged up their apples and are ready to check out.

Even though the apples were not what they were last year, we still had fun together.  That is the best part of the journey.  Now, off to make some applesauce, apple pie and apple jelly! Maybe.  :)

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