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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bermuda, an enemy, not a destination.

I know that I have discussed how I am letting my garden grow wild.  And yes, the wildness continues.  But I can't help having hard feeling towards the creature taking over my little plot of land.  The winding, crawling, choking, impossible to pull and even harder to kill, Bermuda grass.  

It is the perfect grass for our climate.  Just don't ever expect to conquer it for say, a flower bed or a garden or even a nice line of tulips.  You think you can keep up.  You think you can pull enough out to make a difference.  But somehow, Bermuda finds a way. 

To make a long, sad story short, I am planning on tearing out the gardens after this season.  It hurts my heart.  But I am already looking into the possibility of container gardening.  This will be a fairly new adventure for me.  So I am sure there will be lots of progress posts. 

In the mean time, have a look at the current condition of my sad little beds.   

The girls don't care how ugly the garden is.  It is just tasty. (See the grass.)

What can you do with this?  My lettuce got away from me.  It's bolting now so at least we will have seeds!  (Bermuda!!!)

I'm pretty excited about these.  Come on cucumbers!  (Grass creeping in)

My daylilies keep the veggies company.  Looks like they will need to be split in the fall.

If I can keep the squash bugs away we will have lots more squash this year!

The green beans are starting to produce!  (Bermuda, 3:00)

Dill always looks like fireworks to me.  Mmmmm, the smell is so fresh!

Cry with me.  This is the front bed where my hopes and dreams for peppers and tomatoes have been crushed.  The corn in front and the watermelon to the right weren't even planted this year.  They came up on their own.  You see how the grass has come from all sides?  Impossible I tell you.  I have not had the time to be out here this year.  Poor little orphan garden.  

But look who I do get to spend my time with!  And as a positive, the carrots are lovely this year!

Speaking of lovely!

Oh by the way, Lovely loves her daddy.  I think he likes her a bit too.

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G-Molly said...

When I put my sprinkler system in that yard in Arlington, the San Augustine choked out the bermuda grass....I have never seen that happen! I was so proud of the S.A. A real hero!