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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some family and Micah!

Grandmolly finally got to come meet Micah.  They seemed to get along just fine!  (The blankiewas knitted by Grandmolly.  So cozy.) 

Honor meeting Micah.

Aunt Sara told me she had a "few things for Micah."  3 very full bags of clothes, socks and bows later, Micah became a dress-up doll! 

Cousins, cousins everywhere!

I get the feeling that she doesn't trust us.

I have never wanted to dress my baby like a girlie-girl.  But look how cute she is!!!  I am having so much fun!

1 comment:

Prairie Rose said...

I love that one Photo of Micah! (the second to the last) What a face!
She is perhaps somewhat overwhelmed by all the family?? :)
I can not believe how much she had grown already!
She is just precious:)