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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We had the pleasure of taking a short vacation to see family in New Mexico.  As always, we had a ball with Grandmother and Popper.  We cherish the days that we get to spend with our family.  I love that our kids get to know all of their great-grandparents.  It's living history!

Yes folks, there is a zip line!

And a bridge that goes over a stream.
And a tire-swing.

A really fun tire swing!

And bugs!

And lots of work to do with the fellas.

Oh the memories that are made here!

Levi wanted to give Micah a kiss.

We both went down!

He still got his kiss!

Sweet baby girl.

Silly Zaddy-poo

Grandmother and Micah

Even though we should be serving them, they still do so much for us.  Grandmother and Popper, we love you!

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Jaclyn Hicks said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation!