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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Blizzard of '13

I know that I have posted many snow pictures this year.  But these are the ones that you really want to see!  No we didn't get 40 inches like my cousin back East.  But for this part of the country, we got slammed! 
 I think the official total was somewhere around 11-14 inches.  It was a true blizzard with high winds and drifts that were unbelievable. 
We love living here because in 24 hours the blizzard was gone and the roads were being cleared and melting.  We still have lots of snow on the ground but at least the roads are drivable. 
Here is our picture journal of the Blizzard of 13!!
In the midst of the storm.  We couldn't see very far out of the kitchen window.

The kids and I had pulled all of the riding toys and bikes onto the porch in anticipation of the storm.  Seems silly now!

It is pure artistry!

Much fun to be had with all of this snow.

It was a tremendous weight on everything.

This is our road to the highway.  It was covered in 2 ft of snow!  Thankfully, the next day, our sweet neighbor came to plow us a path out. 

Birdie and I stayed inside for the most part.  It was VERY cold!
Matt was the photographer for most of these.  He has a very good eye!  I love this shot.

We may be without a truck for a few days.

The chickens got trapped in their house.  I think it was a good thing.  They would have blown away!

It was really drifting.

Out to the barn.

What a beautiful and fearful thing nature is.  One little storm completely shut us down.  It just serves as another reminder of how little we control and how our lives are in the hands of our Creator.  Blessed be THE NAME!


Shelby said...

LOVE IT, great pics!!!

Jaclyn Hicks said...

Love the pictures! We got some snow here, but nothing like you guys! We had tons of wind, maybe a little too much : )

Hope you are enjoying the snow!

Susan said...

I know these photos are of the results of a Blizzard and that can be devastating but they are beautiful pictures none the same. Your perspective speaks volumes. Blessings to you.