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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A First Renovation

It just takes us forever to get anything done. But finally, we have a room complete!

It may seem strange to choose the hallway as the first place to work. I will say, there are many other rooms that need care.
When we first moved in, we had trouble getting started. It seemed so overwhelming. I just had a feeling, that if we could get the entrance to our home looking the way we wanted it to, the rest of the house would follow.
This hallway was just dated. It needed to be brightened. There is not a ton of natural light coming in so we had to find a way to multiply the light.
It is amazing what some paint will do for a room. It makes it feel clean and new again. We have spent many nights sanding painting over lacquered trim. See below...

Before.  And...

So we haven't been able to replace the flooring, which is something I am looking forward to.  But we did manage to lighten the space and make it feel like our own! 
We decided against a door for the closet.  We didn't want to take up any room in this small space.  So a simple curtain helps to hide the mess of our coats and shoes. 
We didn't spend a ton but Matt does always buy good paint.  He thinks it is worth it in the durability and cleanability :) of the paint.  This is very important in a house of kids.  We want to keep it looking nice for years to come.
We also bought some cheap curtains a cheap rod.  Those things don't have to cost a lot to look nice.  Some things we splurge on, like my new sink at the last house.  Where we can save, we save.  Then we can spend more on the things we really want.  LIKE A NEW SINK IN THIS HOUSE! 
I am very motivated to move on now to the rest of the house!  Poor Matt.  At least he is a pro at painting!  Stay tuned for more renovations to come. 
God willing, we will make our way through this old farmhouse with as little expense as possible while still doing some of the things we really want to do.
Tell me, what projects are you passionate about right now?

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TC Harris said...

It looks great! Just discovered your blog. I really like it.

Becky Elmuccio said...

The white walls make the room seem larger and so much brighter. Well done! Please feel free to link any of your green posts over on Tuesday Greens on Have a great week!