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Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter wonderland is stinkin' cold!

We are in the middle of an Arctic freeze here in the Panhandle.  It is 20 degrees today but will be 17 tomorrow.  Not the coldest we have ever been but it is sticking around far longer than I would like it to. 
We have animals secured and winterized.  We have water running to keep the pipes from freezing.  But we have still frozen.  Having to boil water to do the dishes makes me feel like a real pioneer.  That's life on the prairie folks.
Praying that you are warm and cozy where you are today.  Enjoy these shots from the Tundra of Texas.
I am a mean mom.  I never let my babies go out in the snow.  But I do bring the snow in to them!  (Do you like the beads with the footie jammies?  We like to dress our best.)

Jolie is teaching Micah how to eat snow the right way.

Levi photo-bombing Micah.

These boys couldn't wait to go out!  Asher, who is that snowball for?

Oh!!  It was for Zaddie!

Three amigos.

Love these weirdies.

It is a COLD, COLD winter!

In other news...

Matt's mustache challenge came to an end.  So we took some memorial photos.  Goodbye old friend.

Say hello to MY new friend!!!  5 years ago, when I was pregnant with Levi, my family surprised me with my first Kitchen-Aid.  I used the heck out of that thing!  Many meals began in that mixer.  Tragically, my love for it led to it's demise.  I set some bread to knead one day and came back in the kitchen to a horrible smell!  Smoke was pouring out of the motor.  I was so sad!  But my sweet husband could not let me be without for very long.  Hooray for early Christmas presents!  He got me a professional version which might be more durable for our usage.  I think the color is adorable.  Happy Mama!

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