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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

All around the farm.

Oh intentions.  You know, those things you plan to do and hope to do but just never get around to doing.  That is pretty much everything around here.  But there is still life.  Life still moves and grows and abounds.  Our Spring is coming to a close with no rain or stillness.  Just heat, dirt and wind.  But still, life.
A few things I love around here...
Our swallows.  This is so precious.  They nest together in the evenings.  I watch these birds every chance I get.  They are right out my kitchen window where I do dishes so those chances come around often.

My sweetie built me giant tomato cages!  Can't wait to see how they work.

Trying to cover the dirt here seems impossible.  I love these sweet potato vines and hope they spread wildly!

The bee's favorite thing.  They smell so good.  I though Russian Olives were useless.  So glad we have them.
The tiny herb garden.  Working on it!  So far we have rosemary (a giant bush that was here when we moved in), oregano (also here when we moved in), Basil, thyme and lemon thyme, Sage and Thai Basil.  We have gobs of different mints around the other side of the house and dill coming up in the garden.  So thankful!

I planted some hardy drought-tolerant plants near the chicken pin.  Of course I tested them to see if the chickens would eat them.  They showed no interest.  So I planted them, put in the drip hose and looked on proudly.  After I went inside the chicken decided they were the most delicious plants and promptly stripped the leaves off of the butterfly bushes and cone- flowers.  So we covered and fenced.  Hopefully they will survive and return.  Dumb chickens.

Here is our Elderberry cane.  So glad to have it.  If it makes any this year my plan is to try Elderberry cough syrup.  I hear it is wonderful!

Our new garden space far, far away from any Bermuda grass.  Praying great things for this spot.

My tiny helpers filling egg cartons for Matt to take to work to sell.  He has a waiting list!  Luckily our girls have been happy and productive.

Asher is our chicken man.  He feeds, waters and collects eggs everyday.  From time to time he finds a double-yolker. 

Then Levi has to copy the picture.

And so does Micah, in a more serious and filthy-faced way.


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Jaclyn Trafton said...

It all looks lovely!! We have a chance of rain for the next week, and we are all praying it happens. I plant seeds in our dusty/dirt/sand, and usually get only a few survivors, but those that do, are the strongest and hardy!