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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Field Day!!!

End-of-school days are crazy!!  There are events every week until school is out.  One of the best is field day!  The kids love it and it makes for some great pictures.
He was pretty excited to see us.

The fans.

Arik, Zaddok and Gage.  And of course the little brother.


These guys cheered Zaddok on at every turn.

Pop the balloon with your butt.  Always a crowd pleaser.

Tire pull.  We are in Texas after all.  Gotta have some red-neck games.
Little lady wore her polka-dot dress and sat so sweet in her stroller the whole time.

She did clap for Zaddok.

The tongue gives him that extra edge. 

Love these 3 brothers.
He was happy with a few first place runs.

Asher got to be the 4th grade helper for Zaddy's team.  He did a great job keeping them on track.  

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