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Monday, May 26, 2014

Levi's Last Day

We got to celebrate Levi's last day of Pre-K.  At his table were some happy kids and some not-so-happy kids.

Micah got to be a part of the party and loved it!

This is Ms. Teresa.  We love her!

And Ms. Courtney.  She and I were childhood friends who ended up in the same town.  She is precious and fun.  We were blessed to have her as a part of our preschool experience.

Something was funny.

This is Gavin and Levi.  They are buds. 
We had rain this week!  Praise God!  Things are greening up already.

It brought out all sorts of critters.  This salamander came to hang out for awhile.

They really are kind of cute.
Zaddok's class studied advertising and how to be persuasive.  They got to create and sell their own cereal.  It was fun.

The garden is well on its way.  And even though it will be awhile before we have any tomatoes or squash, the radishes are producing and are delicious!  We have some lettuces and swiss chard too. 

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