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Thursday, October 2, 2014

More gifts...201-250

201.  sister love
202.  clear skin
203.  a good story
204.  freshly sharpened pencils
205.  time with the playgroup girls
206.  chips and salsa
207.  the click of the shutter
208.  watercolors
209.  seeing other people love my children
210.  giggling girls
211.  washing away the dirt of hard work
212.  when he calls during the day just to check on us
213.  kitties that come running when we call
214.  looking at old pictures
215.  new haircuts
216.  feeling like a girl
217.  seeing Asher work hard on his own
218.  gathering warm eggs from straw nests
219.  the last of the harvest

220.  having exact change
221.  getting the desk cleaned off
222.  Micah's smile when I open her door after nap time
223.  grass blowing in the wind
224.  mama chickens
225.  Levi's quirky personality
226.  a surprise, late harvest of green beans
227.  new shampoo
228.  nights with nothing scheduled
229.  hearing Fall wind blow
230.  making a dish everyone likes
231.  crunchy gravel under little feet
232.  geraniums
233.  smell of my grandma's house
234.  my mom's hands
235.  pretzels
236.  opening score of The West Wing
237.  chubby little baby hands doing work

238.  rocking chairs that squeak a familiar tune
239.  sharing a favorite movie with my kids
(Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
240.  home movies
241.  popcorn
242.  Zaddok's playful and positive nature
243.  Topo Chico with lime
244.  PAYDAY!!!
245.  the buzz of the dryer
246.  Mema's sweet tea
247.  diaper butts
248.  a back rub
249.  The Word made flesh
250.  "He who watches over Israel never sleeps or slumbers."
Psalm 121:4

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