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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gifts 351-370

351.  Fresh sprouts
352.  Reese's Easter eggs
353.  Hearing their giggles as they play
354.  Pinterest finds
355.  Being at home
356.  Micah grabbing my hand and laying her head in my palm.
357.  Fierce little hugs
358.  My Asher making pancakes like a big man
359.  Clean hands
360.  Chocolate chip cookies with nuts.  Homemade of course!
361.  Zaddok's kitty-cat hugs, all snugly and sweet.
362.  Rain
363.  The clicks and hums of the washing machine making my life easier.
364.  Rain
365.  Good, clean food
366.  When Levi is excited to go to school
367.  A night with friends
368.  A cloudy, lingering morning
369.  Flip flops again!
370.  When Micah holds up, with great effort, her 2 fingers to show how old she is.

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