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Friday, April 10, 2015


Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread has become such a special time of remembering in our home.  Our kids have grown accustom to the traditions and look forward to them.  

Matt and I have gotten better at hosting our Seder every year.  Something that felt overwhelming has turned familiar and so important.

I pray you had a beautiful and profound Holy Week and/or Passover and that His resurrection was celebrated in your hearts and homes.  We are still in the Feast and continue to remember our Earthly condition and the price he paid to save us.

PS-I can't wait for BREAD next week!  :)


I decided to make my own matzo this year.  It was a simple recipe but hard to roll out.  You have to get it really thin.  

After you roll it and stretch it you have to pierce it with a fork.  I stood there for awhile looking at the dough.  Because for, Christians celebrating the Passover, this bread is not merely the Bread of Affliction (Deut. 16:3) but it is a reminder of the cross.  His body was pierced and broken for us.  

It too me a bit to get up the courage to stab the dough with that fork.  It may sound silly but tears rolled down my face as I remembered the burden that he endured for our sake.

Sometimes even baking is a spiritual experience.

This is charoset.  The most fantastic of all the Passover goodies.  It is apple, cranberries, walnuts, cinnamon and orange juice.  Apple pie in a bowl.  So good.  

It reminds us of the sweetness of forgiveness.

I like to have a Passover table that is special but not ornate.  We spend a lot of time at the table during our Seder.  I want it to be comfortable.  

Before our Seder, Matt read the story of the Last Supper in our children's Bible.  It is a retelling from Mark and John.  It is most important to us that our kiddos connect the Passover to the final sacrifice.

Then we have a special time of washing feet.  Matt always gets down on the floor and becomes a servant to all. (Mark 9:35) 

The littles fight over who gets to wash Daddy's feet.

This is our celebration of the Resurrection.  (We also attend our church on Resurrection Sunday for worship and more celebrating!)  We seek to be obedient in the keeping of God's Feasts.  But in the keeping of those Feasts, we are always searching for the pictures of Messiah.  We are always yearning to keep these things as Jesus did, with perfect understanding.  

We will keep seeking until He returns!  


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