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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beans and Cornbread finally!

And it was gooooood! I am really trying to lose the post baby pounds. It is a slow and tedious process(the 10 pounds of homemade toffee I ate at Christmas did not help my cause.) But beans and cornbread hit the spot and are very good for you! Well, mine was good for me. Matt put a half cup of butter on his cornbread. It looked like icing on a cake. Plus he put cheese in his beans. I put onions in mine. It is just not fair. He stays fit and trim while I remain (only slightly really) rounded. He gets to eat those yummy Reeces trees from Christmas and I have to grin over a cup of coffee. (For those who are not familiar with my coffee replacement diet, it is really very self-explanatory. Replace everything tempting, snacky and delish with a cup of coffee. It is very effective.) Enough about my miraculously svelte hubby.

Okay, I just have to say:

If that doesn't make your reproductive system go pitter patter I just don't know what will. Anyhow...

Today was an "I'm leaving as soon as Matt gets home" kind of day. Not that the kids were naughty or stressful, I just get that urge from time to time. I begin to feel caged. Winter is just so hard. The kids get ornery (I had to look that one up) and I get grumpy.

To fend off the crazies, I did a craft with the kids. We painted and stickered little cardboard trinket boxes. It was time-consuming and the kids really got into it. Now we have these sweet hand-painted boxes that will probably end up crushed or under the bed. How many things have we lost to crushings or the under-the-bed, time space continuum? One can only imagine. At least they had fun making them. Tomorrow we have a play date for the boys and cousins coming over. Then in the evening we have our annual Mullins/Emmitt crud we don't want anymore exchange, oh, I mean white elephant gift exchange. What should we cook for dinner? Any ideas? Post a comment with dinner or munchies we could have for our New Year bash. I want something easy. See you all in 2010!


Molly said...

wings, wings, of every kind...I am wondering about coating some wings in NM red???

mamadrama said...

Mmmmmm wings. Try the NM red and let me know how it goes! That sounds great.