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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So here is what I am thinking

I’m thinking I will begin each blog by telling you what we had for dinner. I am always interested in what other people eat for regular meals. So tonight I had a cranky baby. He is cutting teeth I think. Poor little guy just wants to be held. So I was holding a baby until about 5 o’clock. I had slipped some ground beef into the microwave to defrost earlier so I had to think of something to make with it. spaghetti is my ground beef default. My children would eat spaghetti every day of the week. My husband however, would boycott. So I scratched that idea. I looked in the pantry and saw a box of elbow noodles. So I settled on a homemade hamburger helper of sorts. Ground beef, tomatoes (canned fresh!), onion, celery, corn, noodles and cheese. It is easy and my family loves it. We had broccoli on the side. It was a hit. I think my hubby had 3rds! It never fails. I could cook classic french cuisine everyday and my family would want some kind of awful casserole. I am trying to expand their little taste horizons. But casseroles are comfort food I guess.

Today was kind of a blown day. I had big plans to do some reading and math activities with the kids, bake bread, and get my laundry done. I think the kids might have watched TV all day or played Wii. I was so busy with my fussy little guy that the big kids had to fend for themselves. I didn’t go anywhere near the bread. I just flaked. As for the laundry, I just now at 10:00pm put a load in the dryer that I had in the washer this morning. *sigh* Oh well. The children are fed, the dishes are done and the house is not all that bad. Maybe tomorrow will hold more productivity. We have friends coming over to play so the big kids will be entertained for the morning. I vow to make my bread! I miss my little yeasty and delicious friend. (and his best friend butter!)

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