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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So much laundry!!!!!!!!!

So from under a pile of laundry I write. At least it smells good and keeps me warm. There are worse things than having a huge pile of unfolded laundry slowly taking over the couch. Like discovering last minute that you forgot to get milk therefore could not make the cornbread to go with the beans. Yep, that was my doing. I discovered this as my husband called to say he would be very late getting home. So no hope for a run to the store. He suggested Schlotzsky's(because he is a doll and he loves me and he hates to see me cry.) I accepted. So much for nice cold-weather beans. We will have them tomorrow because I went to Braum's tonight for milk. And would't you know it, I found other things to buy! (I really wanted ice cream but thanks to P90X I have mucho motivation for not eating sweets. It's called PAIN! And I will not waste my physical suffering on goodies.) Braum's sells fancy cheeses. I got a Spanish sheep's milk cheese and a Havarti. I think I might try the Pioneer Woman's Fancy Mac this week.

Our day was a regular one. Oh, except for writing the biggest check I have ever written. We had to pay our property taxes, out of our own account. *Gulp!* It was sad. It doesn't seem as painful when it comes out of your escrow. But as we (the kids and I) went about running small errands this evening I realized how sick I was of being in the house. So I made a quick turn to the coffee shop for a dark roast (no cream or sugar like a real man!)and proceeded to drive around town with our minivan's DVD player on for the kids. The baby was quiet and I was happily sipping my coffee. I must thank coffee for making me a better mother. Okay...maybe not better...just more tolerable.
My daughter really broke my heart today. She has such a soft spot for animals. She saw the abused animal commercial on TV. You know the one with Sarah Mclachlan singing sadly in the background? That one. And that little dolly just started weeping. She couldn't stop. She then got her kitty shirt that has the word AMERICA on it. She took a marker and wrote above: Help the animals in...So now she has a homemade shirt that says Help the animals in America. And at the bottom it says PLEASE. So stinkin' cute. So for my daughter's sake, petition to have that awful commercial removed!!!! Just kidding, be kind to animals, or at least help the American ones.

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