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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

End of my fun

Sometime between September and October I became a garden slacker. It happens naturally. I worked so hard all spring to get the little boogers going. I toiled through the summer to keep them alive and producing. Then when fall starts to drift my way, I let my garden fend for itself. The great thing is, it keeps right on producing and growing without any help from me! I get the reward without the work. Is that like becoming a grandparent? You work so hard to get the family started, then you slave away at raising the children and keeping them alive, then without any help from you, they begin producing on their own! I have to say, that sounds wonderful. I will welcome that time in my life just like I welcome that time in my garden. Here are the pictures of the last of the season and the end of my fun.

One tomato plant, giving up it's last blush.

Peppers that would keep right on producing if not for the frost!

A lonely okra.

Melons that retired long ago.

This is what she looks like now. Bare, restful and given over to the chickens.

At least I have this scene to look forward to for next season! Love daddy working with his boys. Love that little hiney too. Oh and Levi's as well! hahaahahah!

On another note, I have made a big change to the blog. Our new name is Little Wife on the Prairie! It seems to fit my life and my loves better than somemamadrama. That was a name I came up with in a hurry on the first night I blogged. It never made me happy or had the ring that I wanted it to have. So since I am in charge here, I changed it. I realize that there are many people who hate change and some who might be uncomfortable with this one. To you I say, seriously? But I do have a husband just like you. I will reassure you as I reassured him. Same blog, new name. Same blog, new name. Okay? Thanks for hanging with me. I hope to continue to post things that are interesting and maybe even helpful. But sometimes I am still going to post things that make my own heart happy like pics of my kids or pics of food. Stay tuned!

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jeana said...

Okay! I totally left you a comment last night after I read this, but with multiple pages open, I left the comment at your old blog! I love the new name! I too changed mine last year, change is good =]
We should get together soon!