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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why I am not a professional photog-Sister's family

My sister, bless her heart, thinks I am a good enough at photography to take her family pics. Well, we tried and here are the results. I give major props to you real photogs out there. It hard to take quality pics of a sleepy 1-year-old. The little stinker!

I love this family.

This girl was a natural. Look at that smile!

This is SO HER!

I think it's my fav!

No wait! This is my fav!

A girl and her daddy. Too sweet

Ornery girl!

I guess we got a few they can use. It was fun!


grandmolly said...

Very cute...especially those little girls!

jeana said...

oh you did a great job! lovely.

mamadrama said...

Thanks Jeana! It's sometimes hard to see that in your own stuff. I just see everything I could have done better!