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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The good stuff

I love the time of year when stuff in the garden become useful in the kitchen.  They are no longer little plant babies in need of TLC.  Now it's time for us to eat them! 

The tomatoes are not from the garden.  Neither is the avocado.  But the peppers, onions and cilantro are and they were so flavorful!  You wanna see the end result?

It looks like a mess but it might just be my favorite thing ever.  It's a version of avocado salsa.  I have seen different recipes.   My friend and old neighbor Kate had one that called for a bit of white balsamic vinegar and purple onion.  It's a good one too.  This recipe is simple.  Just cut up the ingredients and throw them together with a little salt.  You can eat it with tortilla chips.  I am trying to stay away from chips right now so I just ate this with a spoon. 

In other news, Father's day was precious this year.  Matt had to work nights so we had a few minutes with him between the time he woke up and the time he had to head back to work.  His kids were so excited to see him open his presents and read his cards.

Jolie's card was sweet and funny.  This might be my favorite picture of them together.

Asher spent a good half-hour picking out a new tape measure for his daddy.  He got the one that was just right.  It was precious and thoughtful.  Just like him.

Zaddok helped to pick out the new drill bits.  He just knew that the case had to be yellow.

Levi was napping during present time so he gave Daddy his present after.  Kisses are the best present ever.

So are baby circus tricks.

We love our Daddy!  He is the best playmate, wrestling buddy, fix-it-all, tender Daddy.  His life is his family.  He would rather hang out with his kids than anyone.  He can make us all smile.  He can pester us to death.  He really cares about people.  He loves the Lord and prays for his family.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives!  Thank you God for the blessing of our Daddy.

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The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

LOVE the pics of your cute family! haha, I was going to say I was jealous of your tomatoes but then I read they weren't from your garden. Are you growing them this year? I can't WAIT for ours. Heath started them in the house, but squirrels ate them so we ended up buying plants and there is a tiny blueberry sized one in the backyard (not sure about the ones at the farm) and I want it to grow quicker!!! :)

Grandmolly said...

I am so proud of him and his little family. I love you all!

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Yes, I have 18 tomato plants but we are having a hard season so it may be awhile before we get maters. The drought and super-hot temps are causing blossom drop. I'm sad because that is my FAVORITE thing to get from the garden.

Grandmolly, I guess you might have had something to do with how great he is. :)