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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mr. Frankenbaby.

Oh how someone should have warned me.  Boys + the ability to walk = injury.  WHY DIDN'T ANYONE WARN ME?  My sweet baby boy, just 2 weeks before his 2nd birthday, decided to do some redecorating in our living room.  Apparently the giant glass jar sitting on the top of the shelf, did not suit him .  He wanted it more at ground level.  So he yanked on the shelf and down the jar came.  The lid, which had a sharp rim, ricocheted off of his head leaving a giant gash.  If you have never experienced a head-wound, they bleed.  They bleed a lot.  I was questioning how such a little body could have so much blood in it.  I was also questioning how he was not passing out from losing said blood. 

Now I am not a laid-back person.  I tend to wig out when I stress.  But somehow, when it really counts, I can keep a cool head.  As I was trying to keep pressure on the head of my screaming and bleeding son, I was able to order my other kids into action to call my sister-in-law, find my purse and get their shoes on.  Jolie was a hero!  She wanted to freak out but kept herself calm so that she could call her Aunt Amanda to come and pick up her and her brothers.  She also sat beside him and kept pressure on the gusher as I drove to the clinic.  The boys were not concerned.  They were watching a movie and eating sunflower seeds as we drove.  About this time, Jolie couldn't keep her emotions in check anymore. 

She started yelling at the boys, "How can you watch a movie at a time like this?"

Then she would look at Levi and her little mouth would turn upside down and with tears in her eyes she would say, "I'm so sorry baby.  You poor thing.  Your going to be okay.  I love you.  I'm so sorry baby." 

Precious.  I love to see the tenderness of siblings.

After a traumatic trip to the hospital, my darling boy will now sport a cool scar for the rest of his life.  I am very thankful that his injury wasn't worse.  I could have been worse.  It could have damaged his eyes, it could have cut up his face, or it could have required plastic surgery to repair it.  Our heavenly Father was good to us and protected him.  He also saw fit to give us favor at the hospital.  We got there before it got busy, got back to a room quickly and were treated very well by the staff.  He even got some apple juice, animal crackers and about 5000 stickers.  Everyone wanted to give him stickers.  It was sweet.  Our Dr. was smart and quick.  He wore ear plugs during the suturing, which I found both funny and brilliant!  It would be difficult to tie a good stitch with a kid screaming in your ear.    

By the time we were discharged, Levi was himself again.  He had put up a good fight but didn't seem to care after it was all over.  Here is his new look... 

Oh my honey-baby.  I love your sweet eyes and your awesome scar!

 In other matters, before all of this occurred I was being a typical busy mom.  I was doing some house cleaning and working a bit in the yard.  It was very hot today.  I was sweaty and gross and wearing clothes that were meant to get dirty.  They were not going to town clothes.  But head wounds won't wait for mom to freshen up.  As a matter of fact, I left the house exactly as I was.  I am lucky I was wearing pants at the time.

After it was all over, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror.  I was frightened.  But I then I gained clarity as to why the ER waiting room got uncomfortably quiet when I walked through.  See below...
Note the hair.  Vintage crazy lady.  Disheveled, dirty and pulled back by my daughter's headband.
Next let your eyes fall to my shirt.  It's covered in blood spatter!  I look like I just committed a crime.
The face?  No, nothing abnormal there.  I just look confused and unaware on a regular basis. 
Crazy lady covered in blood.  I'm surprised I'm not a headline on this evening's news.
See, he's not too traumatized.  I took him to get some french fries for the drive home from the hospital.  After that, all was right with the world.  He was such a trooper!

Hey there buddy boy.  It's good to see you smiling.


Jaclyn Hicks said...

So glad to hear everything is okay! Silly little boys....I'm sure he just wanted to help!

Kristin said...

Poor baby...
Poor Mama....

Prairie Rose said...

Oh, no! Poor sweet baby!
I am so glad to see him smiling as well.
I remember a rushed to the emergency room with my little sister when I was a teen. I dont think my heart started beating again till we were back home.
You are right...when he is older he is going to love that scar:)

Carrie said...

Bless all y'all! That was traumatic nearly all the way around. Glad Levi's on the mend!