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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I will survive!

This season is challenging my gardening skill.  First, my seedlings pooped out.  Next, the wind has been so constant, trying to beat my plants to death.  Finally, we are in a drought.  So I have had to baby my plants.  I have watered by hand to conserve.  We use bath water, the baby's pool water and even the cooled water from my canner.  It is lots of work but I refuse to waste water when we are in danger of a shortage.  So the garden is heavily mulched and we are picky about what water it gets.  I never thought I would be thankful for clay soil.  This year, it seems to be helping hold what little water it is getting.  Here are some pictures of the progress.  I am happy with it.
I had two potato plants that withered away.  Just for fun, I decided to check to see if they left any taters behind.  They did!  This is my first little dig of new potatoes.  It gives me hope for a big harvest of the rest!

Cilantro!  Isn't it a pretty shade of green?  I am trying this new clustering of seeds.  If you cut what you need as you go then hopefully it will grow back more leaves and not go to seed so quickly.

I think I can, I think I can.  Come on tomatoes!

Trying out my winter squash in bags of soil.  We got tired of digging up Bermuda grass.

I am hoping for a bumper-crop of beans!

Sweet little pepper plant is tiny but producing.  This is a Santa Fe Grande.

Zucchini looks like it's about to overwhelm me.  Bring it!

The corn is up to my knees.

This is the front bed.  We just added a wood-pulp mulch.  It is amazing!  Even in this drought it is holding moisture. (Thanks John!) 

Sweet potatoes giving it the old college try.  We will see.  This is my new plant this year.  I am hoping for sweet taters for Thanksgiving.


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Your garden looks great! So pretty :) I hope it produces well for you. I only grow zucchini once every few years because it usually goes crazy and I put a ton in the freezer! It's good you're ready ;)

Carrie said...

Looking great! So proud of all the work you're putting in to it -- can'twait to see the rewards you reap! :-)

Rachel said...

Your garden looks fabulous!!! Hope you get a great harvest! I am hoping we get settled fairly quickly after our move in the hopes that maybe I can try a fall garden this year. Never really tried that before but its the only chance I'm gonna get!

Journey11 said...

Hi, here visiting from the Barn Hop. :) Your garden looks great! I grew Santa Fe hot peppers this year too and mine are producing much earlier than all the other types I planted. Must just be their thing!

Green Bean said...

My MIL does her tomatoes in the dirt bags (like your squash). They always do very very well. I'd never thought of doing it for another type of vegetable though!