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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not as planned but still working!

Last week's schedule posts did not go as planned.  But here is the good news, we are up and running this week!  I really do love having something to shoot for each day.  It helps keep my life a little more calm and organized.  I said a little.  I do have 5 kids ya know. 
Here is the list for my week.  I didn't do a blog for Friday and I don't even remember why now.  Hahaha.  But this is it compiled.  
This is a project day
I also like to get a jump-start on laundry
Big laundry day
Weekly bread baking
deep-cleaning goal: the fridge
Finish laundry (clean up laundry room and family closet)
Shopping day-groceries, Sams, ect...
deep-cleaning goal: car
Bake/cook ahead for freezer
vacuum and dust
deep-cleaning goal: windows
upstairs-kids rooms and bathroom
wash sheets
deep-cleaning goal: kitchen (wipe down cabinets/appliances
Bathrooms :(
Floors-wood and kitchen
Bake challah for Shabbat (Sabbath) meal AKA. our celebration of God's day of rest!
REST!!!  This is a day to spend time with our family.  Cooking is kept to a minimum and we try to keep from doing any unnecessary work.  It is really nice, after a busy week, to have a day with no pressure.  Life being what it is, we usually have an activity to go to at some point during the day.  But they are things we enjoy together.
That is it!  Of course there is a lot that goes on that I don't write down.  I am pretty much constantly tidying.  If I don't, it will overwhelm me.  I do dishes several times a day.  I also cook meals.  That is a big part of my day. 
It is also very important to me to spend time playing and hanging out with my kiddos.  I try to include them in my activities as much as possible but that is not always easy!
In addition, I love alone time!  So I usually end up staying up late to get a little time to just decompress.  I have been trying to make time for the treadmill during nap time but that has been on and off.
Whew!  It sounds like a lot but my days are manageable.  This would not have worked for me when I had more littles at home.  Having bigger kids makes a difference.  They help out a lot and have their own responsibilities in our home.  I rarely have to put dishes away or take out trash anymore.  And they take care of all our animals.  My oldest helps a ton with the baby when I need to cook or take a shower.  It is a group effort!
So that is my hope and goal.  Flexibility will dictate what actually gets done.  But I will be happy with that.  
It is Wednesday so I am off to dust and vacuum!  Let me know if you have any success with a schedule.  I am always interested to see how others manage their homes.  I would love to hear from a working mom!  I don't know how you girls do it! 

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Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

Looks good to me! :) I always try to make Challah on Friday too, for Shabbat. Friday is cooking day for me. I try to do the most of my cleaning on Thursday. Schedules never stay the same for me, but that's what's so great about this life... you're your own boss! :)