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Monday, February 3, 2014

Our weekly least for now.

When Matt started his new job 2 weeks ago, I began to alter my days to fit his.  (It is part of what I do as a stay-at-home wife and mom.)  I started playing with a new schedule for myself.  It interested me to see how other families order their days so I thought someone might be interested to see how we order ours.
My hope and goal for my days at home is to have each day filled with activity that will help our lives run smoothly.  I thrive on order but my life is not full of order.  It can cause me to get cranky.  My attempt at feeling a bit in control each day is to have a schedule or a set list of daily goals.
This is my first week implementing this with Matt working his new schedule.  So we will see what works and what does not.  As always, there must be some flexibility in all I do.  I want to have the freedom to sit with a sick kid or to go visit a friend or even just to read a book and drink coffee if I need a break.  So there is no guilt here, just guidelines for myself.
Here is our first Monday.
Monday is traditionally a laundry day for me.  I try to get most of it done on Monday but it usually spills over into Tuesday.  Some people prefer to do it all week long.  I would rather get it done in one day and then do a load here and there if need be.  I like to do laundry as little as possible. (Also, I didn't think a picture was necessary.)
I usually make bread on Mondays.  We had lots of bread left over from the weekend and from our Bountiful Baskets order so I decided to make tortillas.

Tortillas are very forgiving.  They may not always end up perfectly round but roundish still tastes good.
You can roll a few tortillas out at a time and keep the dough in the fridge or you can roll them all at once.  (The liquid gold in the jar is chicken broth.  I love to can my own and cook with it all of the time!)

The babies (who are 4 and almost 2) and I played with some fun pompoms and pipe cleaners.  We made all sorts of things!

This sweet girl showed up at our house last night.  It was just too cold to let her wander.  We brought her in and bathed her.  She is a very good dog but I know she belongs to someone.  We are hoping to find her owners soon!  This was not on my schedule for Monday. ;)
And for lunch, leftover posole with our tortillas!  The kids wouldn't eat this but PBandJ's don't photograph well. :)
This all has to be done before the kids get home because then the evening duties start!  Also, through the day I try to keep up with dishes so they aren't piled up.  I pick up things as I walk around the house too.  It is a lot of work but it is better than feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day.  I don't always keep up but it feels good when I do! 
I have down days.  Days when I just cannot do another dish or cook another meal.  Those are days I really have to focus on what I've been called to and to remember God's grace for mothers.  That helps.  Other days, well, I might just watch a movie with the kids and cook frozen pizza for dinner. 
See you tomorrow!

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