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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Worst week to be organized.

Yes, I picked the worst week to start a new schedule.  It has not been a "normal" week.  With a sick baby, a day away from the house for me and some winter-weather issues, no day has gone as planned.
I intend to carry on.  Here is my schedule for Wednesday and Thursday.  We did not actually follow it this week for various reasons but still got some things done!
My plan for this day is to focus on vacuuming and dusting the house.  These two just go together to me.  It is fairly easy to do and the littles can even help me.
I was not home yesterday.  The kids stayed with Daddy.  I am pretty sure Daddy did not follow my schedule.  So the vacuuming and dusting will have to wait for another day.
The other thing on my Wednesday schedule is to bake/cook ahead for the rest of the week.  I will use this time to make muffins or breakfast breads to have on busy mornings.  Or if the freezer is full of bread, I may try to get some dishes prepared ahead of time or pre-cook some meat, beans or broths.  It really helps with evening meals to have a plan and to have some things already prepped. 
Daddy didn't clean, but he did make some bread.  Pretty good Daddy!
Thursday has been another story.  Wednesday afternoon we discovered the 5 degree temperatures had frozen our pipes.  We still had cold water in the bathroom but had no hot water at all.  This makes things a little more difficult. 
These pots on the stove are my hot water today.  I use them to make a sink of hot water to wash dishes or to make warm water to brush teeth and wash faces.  The cookies?  They are for moral support.  (And for the kids who stayed home from school in a non-sanctioned snow day.) 

This is my rinsing bucket.  It really works great!  Of course this was Daddy's idea.  I am surprised how little water I actually need to use to do my dishes.  It makes me want to conserve more in my usual routine.
On my schedule for Thursday is cleaning the upstairs which is where the kids bedrooms are.  They are responsible for keeping their rooms clean.  But it is good for me to go up once a week to make sure the clothes are out from under the bed and that the bathroom is really clean.
Also, I have everyone strip their beds to wash sheets. 
If I have time, or if little hands need to be busy, we also try to wash a few windows. 
Today has been a challenge with everyone home and no hot water.  But my heart is thankful because we are taken care of.  Our needs are met.  Sometimes losing a convenience really helps with appreciation of what we do have. 
Enjoy the day where you are.
This is our day from the kitchen window.
See you on Friday!

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Jaclyn Trafton said...

Oh schedules, how we do try! Our weather has been a lot like yours, and we are ever so grateful that I work from home and my husband attends college from home. We've stayed indoors the past two days as our windchill was below zero....but playing fort today was fun! Hope Friday works out better, stay warm neighbor!