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Monday, October 13, 2014


We woke up to a sad thing on Sunday morning.  Matt was driving into town when he saw our dog Fuzz dead on the road.  It was such a shock to us because he NEVER played in the road.  We had to coax him to even walk with us to get the kids from the bus.  Why he went in the road on that morning, we will never know.  But we want to believe that he was doing something heroic like chasing coyotes away from our property.  He was a good dog.
There was nothing he loved more than his kids.  We got Fuzz as a puppy when Zaddok turned a year old.  So most of our kiddos don't remember life without him.

He was a working dog.  He loved to chase a Frisbee or a ball and would do it as long as you would throw it for him.  His work also included following the chicken and cats around with that crazy "herding" look in his eyes.  

His favorite part of the day was always when the bus got home.  He would run to his kids, always looking to me for permission before he took off.  He was a good dog.

Here, his world was complete.

He was always taking care of his kids.  He was a good dog.

He wanted to be were they were.
He did love water.  If the hose ever turned on, he could hear it from anywhere on the property.  He would come running and beg you to let him chase the stream.

He was always the first one to meet Matt as he pulled in the drive.  He was a good dog.
He was just crazy enough for us to get a lot of entertainment from him!


It is not often that there is a dog so obedient, so willing to please, so attentive to his family.  He gave us a lot of years of love and fun.  It will take a long time for us to get over losing him. 
Goodbye buddy.  You were a good boy.


Jaclyn Trafton said...

I'm so sorry to read this! He looks like he was the best dog....we have Molly, who will undoubtedly leave a giant hole in our lives when she passes.

roman said...

Oh no! I literally have tears in my eyes... I always loved fuzz. I am so sad :(

Ethan Smith said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, this made me cry! We had a good dog like that when I was growing up. Beautiful photos of your kids with their friend, Fuzz.
- Amanda Rogers