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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Some loveliness.

I am really trying to learn as much as possible about fermentation.  This is a delicious way to learn.
Fermented peppers keep all of the pepper flavor that the vinegar of pickled peppers covers up.  They also retain more of their nutrition.  One of the main benefits of fermentation is that it makes the nutrients more readily available to the body during digestion. These are jalapeños and mexi-bells.

 Sauerkraut!  This has been fermenting for a little over a week.  I tasted it and it is still a bit salty and not sour enough so I am going to leave it for a week or 2 more.  YUM!

This is my second ferment (2f) kombucha.  I flavored the ones on the left with grape juice which is supposed to give lots of fizz.  The ones on the right I used sour cherry and ginger.  I can't wait to taste!  I was so excited to find a use for my cracked crock.  This works out great!  Now if I have a bottle explode, it will be contained.   

I was able to set up a KT (kombucha tea) brewing station.  These are my 2 CWs (continuous brews.)  Under that are the extra bottles.  We use mostly empty Grolsch beer bottles; don't ask me how they got empty. :)  This is the cheapest way we have found to get sturdy flip-top bottles that we are sure aren't contaminated glass.  They help get some great fizz!
I have started sprouting seeds now that a lot of our garden has stopped producing.  This is such a great way to get some freshness and nutrition.  It is super easy too!  Here is a good link for info  and a sprouting chart!
I have a jar obsession.  I just do.  This was my grandmothers.

And these are just because...


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