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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The best thing about Fall.

You know how there are those special smells that pull you into a time or a feeling?  For some people, Fall cannot happen without breathing in the steam from that first pumpkin spiced whatever.  Some people it is the mellow, earthy smell of cool dirt and rotting leaves.  Others love the stinky heat of a football locker room. 
 The best thing about Fall in our house is the smell of fire-roasted green chile.  I have to inhale the smokiness of the charred skins before I can move on into the season.
One way we love to celebrate this time is with lots of family of course!  The Mullins Chile Roast of 2014 gave us what we were craving.  The wind was high so we moved the operation indoors.  We are very thankful for the dirty old barn! It wasn't ideal but it sure was convenient.
Matt's artwork
A busy roaster!


The men did most of the roasting and prepared our tasty lunch of tortillas and fresh-roasted chile.  Oh my gosh!

Beautiful girl!

Little tootie!!  I love you!

All sorts of games to play in the barn.

Slam dunk Micah!

When these bald heads get together, there is no telling what they will come up with!

This looks like a serious conversation.

We got to try something new this year.  We are used to having our red chile in powder form.  We got some fresh this year and roasted it.  It is sweet and fruity but stills spicy.  It is sooooo good!

The girls did the bagging.  We put up over 200 bags of chile!  It might last us through the year.  If we are conservative!

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