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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Since I wrote a post about my eldest, it seems only fair to continue with the rest. And we must always keep it fair, right? I will tell you that when he was born, I was terrified. I had all sisters and my first child was a girl. Boys scared the crud out of me. It wasn't the blue clothes. It wasn't even the extra parts to deal with during diaper-changing. It was the maleness of it all. I was confused about how to love a boy. Did they want a hug and love from mom? Or did they just want to break things? Then, as I began to get to know him, I became a mom of boys! It was like I had never been anything else. I discovered that they want to hug and love and then break things! He made such an impression on my heart that God decided to give me two more of those mysterious creatures!

Asher has had the same personality since he was an infant. He is Mr. Cool. It takes a lot to get him riled up. Now that is not to say that he doesn't have his moments. They are many as he gets older. But his core personality is pretty chill. He doesn't want a lot of outside attention. He would rather hang out by himself than get mixed up in something he doesn't want to do. He has a super-high pain tolerance. He has had horrible ear infections that we didn't know about until he lost his hearing and we took him to the doctor. See how cool he is...

Another part of his personality is his eye for the small things in life. He is a detail man. This kid can remember the little things that I don't even see. He loves cars and can appreciate a well-shined wheel or a cool new color. I am very thankful because now his daddy has someone to talk cars with who will actually be excited when he points out a sweet hot rod. (I think there are some cars that are cute but don't really feel the excitement that my guys do!)

There is one aspect of being a detail guy that makes it frustrating on mom and dad. It is the perfectionist side of this kid that can drive us crazy. With anything he does he puts us through the ringer. He doesn't want help but he wants it perfect. Most of the time, it ends in tears. Asher cries too. But there are those times that he actually gets it the way he wants it and does it himself. When that comes together you can see the pride in his eyes. I know that as he gets older, he will need less help from us and his independent spirit will make him successful in whatever he wants to do.

My first son has changed me. He has given me a whole new view on men! His love for his family is great. He will curl up in my lap for a few minutes, like he is recharging his battery. He can be rough and tumble but then turn into tenderness. He will be my baby boy forever. I am praying that God will give me the grace to enjoy him while he is mine but to prepare to let him go when God sends him his soul-mate. That sounds horrible now! I know that one day it will be right. And that gives me a new appreciation for my mother-in-law!

Asher Vernon, I pray for you that God will guide you into being the man he created you to be. He has made you so unique. I pray that you will seek Him in all you do and that His word will be written on your heart. I love you baby boy. Thank you for making me a mom of boys!

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