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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am trying to understand nature. No, not the eating habits of the prairie chicken. I mean the nature that we are all born with that makes us human. I have 4 very different children. Not sure how that's possible but they are all so very different.

For example. My daughter left me this little gem after she had been in trouble one day.

Of course Matt I laughed about it for an hour and a half. But in reality, this sums her up perfectly. She has polar opposite moods. She is hot and cold, sweetness and bitterness, elation and anger. She has a ridiculous gifting for organization but cannot keep her room clean for even a day. This doll will mother her baby brother with such tenderness and care right before she yells at her other brothers for breathing too loudly. She can be my greatest joy and my biggest challenge.

This roller coaster child has made me question everything about myself and my parenting skills. I have prayed more and sought more guidance for this than I thought I would have to as a parent. It seems truly unfair that I got the baby/toddler thing figured out and now I have no idea what to do with the big kid! See how cute she is...Dang!

What I take comfort in is this, she was created in His image. He has given her beauty that we haven't even seen yet. In her immaturity, she can use those gifts in the wrong way. But our job is to teach her to use her gifts for good and not e-vil! We are to steer her towards Him and away from the world. We are to love her in a way that makes her feel the compassion of her savior while loving her enough to teach her discipline. So you can see why I am terrified.

But when I have those moments with her of sweet relationship where I can put my arm around her with nothing else but time to enjoy one another, I remember. I remember that we are all a work in progress. And then I can smile, relax and enjoy the little person in front of me. Because time goes faster the older they get. Don't believe me? Ask your parents.

Jolie Kay, you are my delight. I am so thankful for you and your precious heart. You bring so much action, drama and love into our home. I praise God for you and ask Him to protect your heart. I love you baby girl.

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Emily Suzanne said...

she is such a cutie pie! i can't believe how much she's grown :)