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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crafty much?

Nope! But this is a craft designed to make my life easier and give my kids responsibility! I love this craft. You won't catch me saying that very often. So enjoy my friends.
I read a story in a magazine about what one mom did to resolve the problem of having a constant sink of dirty dishes. This mom had 6 kids and decided to make them take some ownership in the whole dishes fiasco. Instead of using a new cup or bowl for every meal, she decided to give each child their own set of dishes to keep up with! Brilliant! She got a set of clear glass dishes and some acrylic for glass paints and had each child personalize his or her set. The premise is that if the dish is not clean, then you don't eat until it is. It eliminates a ton of extra dishes and provides a way for the kids to understand what a job it is to keep things clean.

We did this little craft and have LOVED having our hand-painted dishes at every meal. It really has helped with the amount of washing I have to do. Also, the kids are really proud of their art and want to use their dishes.
Here are the pics...

The bowls

The cups

The plates

The finished product




Molly said...

Those are awesome...great idea!

molly said...

absolutely adorable! They are proud of their dishes too! I love how you can see their personalities in their artwork...and this is something you can hang on to (if they don't get broken) and give to them when they get married someday! Such an awesome experiment....keep us posted on how long it lasts and if it works like you are hoping!